View Residence 02


With the overwhelming success of the first View Street dwelling, the challenge was set to repeat the programme on the adjoining allotment, whilst bringing something different to the table, so each dwelling would present their own individual character.

Dwelling two was thus arranged quite differently, utilising the lands natural fall to the rear of the site, the ground floor plate was pulled apart with lounge/sitting room positioned to the front and family living pavilion to the rear, a half level below it. The space between formed an open outdoor area to which we added a pool. Capitalising on the change of level between the floor plates, the pool was set at the upper level with a wet edge water wall cascading to the lower terraced area below. Looking back from the lower family living pavilion, the pool serves as a year round feature at the core of the home.

As with Dwelling one, a roof deck was included as a secondary living area, affording panoramic views across the city skyline to the west.

The front facade treatment and materiality varies deliberately from that of its neighbouring predecessor, yet they rest comfortably side by side, equally fulfilling their charter for street appeal to the discerning Hawthorn purchaser.