Roberts Residence


A rectilinear site might suggest a new plan form follows its discipline, to a certain extent this is so, however, in this large family home built over two levels, we have consciously attempted to arrange space and connect it with a path that defies the constraints of this notion. By arranging outdoor rooms either side of the principal spine of the footprint, and by affording glimpses through the buildings interior from one space to the other, the perceived long narrow block is fractured. In this instance the larger of the two outdoor spaces accommodates a pool and spa, the circulation path from front door to family hub at the rear of the house, is splayed around this space defining it as the homes radial focal point. From all ground and first floor living areas the pool vista prevails as the dominant visual feature.

At the centre of the home the stair link between levels opens to an atrium centrepiece with the double storey galzing presenting subtle definition between indoors and outdoors.

The family hub whilst visually connected to the pool has stronger more direct physical connection with the rear garden and covered outdoor dining room and outdoor fireplace. Three large sliding glass panels divide indoors to out; the panels once housed in the adjacent wall cavity provide a clear eight metre opening and seamless transition to the garden.