Laurel Residence

Hawthorn East

In this three level contemporary home, the entry takes us first through the central atrium space, then beyond down a few steps to the family living level, which is set below the surrounding garden and pool. This puts the outdoor features at eye level when at a seated, lounging level establishing a ‘hunkered down cosiness to the space. Various such subtle changes in floor level throughout the home signal and define the various special uses throughout.

The parents zone on the ground floor occupies a single unbroken level, this discrete wing projects from the side of the main house form, allowing it to align with the pool and offer a direct view towards it.

Privacy has dictated a restrained use of glazing to the front of the house, whilst the opposite approach has been adopted to the rear, where the house opens dramatically to the garden.

A steel framed exoskeleton has been added to the glazed areas to support both horizontal and vertical sun screening when needed. It captures and provides in addition to its functional role, a sense of containment to the open northern terrace and almost like a sundial, throws ever changing lineal shadows across the internal floor surfaces.