Esplanade Residence

Williamstown Beach

With a property located directly opposite the sandy shoreline of a secluded beach, the primary drive in designing a new home on this site is obviously to provide the strongest possible connection from within the house to the beach and sea beyond.

With the proportions of the block favouring its depth rather than its frontage, the challenge became one of best providing this connection to all of the living accommodation zones, whether to the front or rear of the house.  Further consideration was needed to providing an outdoor space protected against prevailing winds and sea breezes, where one can sit comfortably outdoors, enjoying the beach environs regardless of Melbourne’s changing weather moods.

The resulting plan form with living areas to the first floor, accommodates the necessary visual linkage to the beach from all zones, be it kitchen, dining, family space and lounge, through a faceted glass facade and protected outdoor terrace area. The arrangement of space is deliberately open and relaxed, evoking a ‘holiday at home’ ambiance throughout. The roof hovers and meanders above these areas almost seemingly detached from the walls below, presenting a lantern-like presence at night.

Limestone has been used extensively throughout, referencing the sand tone of the beach, with rich internal timbers providing the counterbalance and necessary warmth in an almost Balinese-like combination. The external palette of limestone and dark weathered zinc panelling provides resilience to the harsh sea front condition whilst giving an assured nod to a relaxed coastal home typology.