Merricks Residence


Merricks House is the country residence of the Nesci Family.

The design intent has been to deliver a home that serves both as a retreat for the immediate family as well as being able to welcome larger groups of extended family and friends.

Fragmenting an otherwise overwhelming footprint, led to the development of series of interconnecting pavilions, zoned to provide separate sleeping quarters for guests, a number of active and passive living spaces, indoor and out. These offering the capacity to be opened fully or divided on occasions to provide more intimate living accommodation.

The resulting building forms are arranged to offer strong visual connections from within to the surrounding rural landscape. Their clustering also provides protected outdoor living areas, arranged to screen from prevailing coastal winds and sea spray.

The assembly of forms follow the natural topography of the site which results in level changes signally the transition from one functional space to another. All are hunkered into the landscape yet gesture boldly out into the broader acreage, capturing distant vistas over newly established vineyards and productive farmland.

The exterior material palette of rammed earth, dark matt metal panelling and recycled timbers complement the newly established garden surround with a strong Australian native planting regime. The subdued exterior palette extends itself to the interiors with dark stained timber wall and ceiling panelling, playing off the lighter tones of the rammed earth.

The building is distinctly modern with refined, luxurious rural notes throughout.
Its layout is deliberately playful and somewhat undisciplined to reinforce a more relaxed disposition, conducive with a home that is to serve as a retreat from hectic city life.