Higham Residence

Hawthorn East

A small but highly visible corner block, necessitated careful crafting to achieve an appropriate balance of built form and garden area.

A basement was added to accommodate a portion of the required building footprint. We came quickly to the decision that the parking ought be positioned at grade, to save the area otherwise required to accommodate a vehicular ramp to a basement, instead, this subterranean space serves as a secondary living space, with lounge, bar, games area and cellar.

To gain northern sunlight here, we positioned the pool alongside the basements northern wall then, as we had done before in earlier projects, we inserted a horizontal band window, allowing sunlight to filter through the pool into the lower rooms. The effect is dramatic, offering natural daylight by day and an illuminated water feature by night.

All four bedrooms, including the master, have been placed on the first floor. To achieve a sense of grandeur above the master bedroom and its retreat, we added a raised lantern roof, this also provides additional light through perimeter clerestory windows.

High voids open up above the main living areas at ground level, further teasing greater volume out of the confined footprint.