Bungalow Residence


When designing a home for a builders own family, the normal restrictions and design limitations are set aside, you are free to work collaboratively to bring about something special and truly unique. In this project, we brought the lessons learnt from dozens of earlier projects worked on r in partnership as builder & architect. This brought us both to a place where we could freely express the best of what we could produce.

The themes and relaxed feel of this house are informed by the properties beachside location. Whilst close to the city and nestled in a suburban cul-de-sac, there is certainly an air of resort living and beach retreat at play here. We collaborated with Jack Merlo-Landscape Architect once again on this project, to ensure the themes established in the architecture would flow through successfully into the surrounding garden design.

As with many of our projects, water plays an important part of the ambience created.

Here, a large pond spills into a ‘rill’ which steps as it flows, following the entry path and signalling what is to come, as you arrive at the entrance. Once inside, an instant visual connection to the pool and spa is made, this drawing the visitor to the centre of the house where it is evident, water is the hero element we have again experimented with.

Beyond the general themes established throughout the home, this is a build which celebrates detail. A well crafted project heralding the talents of the builder in his application, as much as the designer.