Church Residence


A dwelling conceived as an oasis. In this project we seek to establish a relaxed environment for living, strongly connected to outdoor spaces whilst offering complete privacy from the world beyond the bounds of the site.

As our northern orientation is towards the front of the property, the garage was brought to the street alignment so as to provide a privacy foil from street to private outdoor living space and pool. The journey from street to entry door is marked by a procession of steel arbores supporting a glass roofed spine which passes the northern courtyard and pool. Interior and exterior spaces are given equal moment and interact strongly together with little demarcation between them.

The living zones at ground level are loosely strung together in an open pavilion fashion; a strong visual connection is made from the front to the rear courtyards with all living spaces revealed between.

Stone and render wall elements play off one another, dissected only by frameless and retractable glass wall panels.