Creswick Residence


A unique site located on the periphery of a parkland reserve fronting the Yarra River, provided opportunities to establish a large family home, which could make connections to the native parkland setting, as well as gain unobstructed views across the river corridor towards the Melbourne city skyline.

Whilst siting within a typical suburban tapestry of face brick and pitched tiled roofs, our building takes its cues instead from the surrounding landscape setting. A program of earthy, rural materials were subsequently adopted, with stone dry-stack walling, natural cement renders, recycled timbers and black metal screen louvers.

The natural sloping topography from the street down to the parkland, has been countered by stringing all of the living areas together on a single upper level. Set at the street level and extending continuously to the rear of the building, here it becomes suspended well above the park level and places itself amongst the tree canopies. This evokes an almost ‘tree-house’ quality to the spaces at this end of the house.

A pool at this upper level, likewise hovers above the park setting with nothing but its defining wet edge suggesting a separation from the surrounding landscape.

All the bedroom accommodation has been provided at the lower level with connections to the Australian native garden spaces beyond. These have been skilfully arranged by Phillip Johnson Landscapes to complement the themes established in the architecture.