Cecil Residence


Set amongst a series of structured garden courts, a restored period cottage coupled with new pavilions strung along a central spine, draws on Japanese traditions to imbed these structures seamlessly within a garden setting. Here we were able to treat the entire site as a blank canvas with the existing cottage taking only a small percentage of the overall lot. Garden courts were given as much design attention as the structures themselves.

Each garden court and glazed pavilion is given a specific purpose, and all relate strongly to one another.

The cottage serves as the sleeping pavilion; beyond this the living pavilion is flanked by reflective pond and spa terrace. A glazed catwalk links to two further pavilions serving as library and study/guest room. Beyond this a garaging and storage pavilion. As with the Japanese aesthetic, pavilions are predominantly glazed with sliding screens providing access to the garden courts. Recycled timbers, natural anodized aluminum and galvanized steel form the nucleus of a simple, honest and raw material palette.