Marshall Residence


This project comprises 6 dwellings over three levels including basement. It can best be described as ‘urban renewal’ given it replaces six smaller dwellings with at-grade parking built in the mid sixties. The project provides the opportunity to redress the shortfalls of the previous development in terms of its site specificness and dialog with the prevailing residential character of the area, its appropriateness to respond to climatic conditions through the adoption of current building technologies and general amenity enhancement throughout.

Each dwelling front’s tree lined Marshall Avenue and accessed via private front gardens which carry a distinct Australian landscape theme.

The ground floors are broken into two living zones, separated by a central core accommodating private lift, powder room and laundry.

A seamless flow between the living zones provides access and visual connectivity between the street facing garden and rear courtyard. Extensive glazing affords a good balance of natural light throughout. Garaging and storage is provided below ground for each dwelling whilst bedrooms are provided at the second level where natural light is gained through sliding window and door panels providing access to private balconies. A continuous roof window links master ensuites, bathrooms and upper level corridors to further balance the access of natural light. The dwellings range in size from 216 to 230 square metres over the three levels. Outside walls are sound and thermally insulated with all windows being double glazed to ensure acoustic privacy between the dwellings and beyond.